~A present-day Energy healing modality

       with ancient-reaching roots~

What is Reiki:

Reiki (pronounced, "ray-key") is a gentle, yet powerful energy healing technique, developed in Japan. While there are many translations of these Japanese words, rei means "universal" or "spiritual" and ki means "Life Force Energy."  Therefore, Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy.

How Reiki Works:

Our body uses energy to run efficiently and heal,

but sometimes our energy flow becomes imbalanced. 

Reiki provides us with an opportunity to plug into the source of Universal Life Force energy; thus, replenishing and redistributing our own energy supply. 

If we picture an actual stream that has an overabundance of rocks in one place, that part of the stream becomes blocked, possibly overflows, or at the very least hinders the movement of water.  Likewise, if the stream is missing rocks and tree limbs that used to help support its shape, and regulate water flow, the stream's flow volume could be in excess, possibly spilling over in some areas.  Such flow fluctuations within that stream, have the potential to affect the entire stream.  

What happens to the streams trickling down the hillsides, can happen within the energy streams in our bodies.

We are energy. Energy surrounds and moves through our bodies via chakras, meridians, nadis, etc., filling every cell and facilitating overall bodily functioning. Stress, injury, grief, illness, and other factors can sometimes alter our energetic flow, leading to decreased distribution of needed energy, excessive amounts of unnecessary energy, or even blockages of trapped energy. (Recall the stream.)  Such energetic interferences can throw a being's body, mind, and/or spirit out of balance.  Disrupted energetic flow/blockages can then manifest as sickness, fatigue, anxiety, among other undesirable effects and imbalances.  Reiki, which is channeled through the Reiki practitioner and into the recipient, works to help clear the blockages, remove excess energy, and reopen energetic pathways.  This allows the body's own energy to circulate properly again, which leads to healing and a restored energetic equilibrium.  We know that everything is energy and optimally functioning energetic systems, within our own bodies, are crucial for physical and emotional wellness.  

About the Practice of Reiki: 

While we all have the ability to learn and utilize Reiki, those who have been attuned to Reiki serve as conduits, able to readily and reliably access and channel Universal Life Force energy.  In this way, attuned & trained practitioners can assist any living being in tuning into and receiving Reiki, so natural healing may take place on all levels.  The body strives for energetic balance. Reiki can help facilitate the process of achieving energetic health and harmony.  Reiki knows where to go and what to do.  Additionally, Reiki can be used for situations, objects, and space/places.

Animal Reiki/Pet Reiki:

Animal Reiki/Pet Reiki is similar to Reiki for people in that the practitioner accesses and shares Reiki.  Also, the benefits are believed to be the same.  However, there are some differences in how the Reiki is delivered to the animal/pet in a Reiki treatment.  Perhaps the primary distinction between human and animal Reiki, has to due with animal receptivity and sensitivity to the energy.  Because animals are believed to be more sensitive to energy (think of when animals know it's about to storm before we do), animal/pet Reiki is always animal led.  This means, the practitioner will not touch the animal, or even get very close, unless the animal gives clear indicators of wanting close proximity or hands-on Reiki.  Some common behaviors observed while animals are within a Reiki treatment are yawning, sighing, sniffing Reiki hands, purring, licking, kitty smiling (with eyes), deep sleeping, and so on. 

The trained practitioner can tell when an animal has had enough Reiki and there is variation in the length of the sessions. Animal/Pet Reiki can also be practiced for groups of animals/pets.  Some Humane Societies and shelters welcome Reiki as a benefit to the animals.

Due to its soothing and peace-invoking effects, Reiki is thought to be a way to help our pets with such things as illness, behaviors of concern/focus, and easing the final transition.  


Why Reiki is a Good Choice: 

There are no known risks to receiving a Reiki treatment and Reiki is now being used in some hospitals to supplement other healing methods.  Reiki is not associated with any particular religion. Though Reiki is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment, studies indicate Reiki may complement other healing approaches, while offering numerous benefits of its own.  What many do not know, is Reiki can be shared with any living being, objects, spaces, situations--anything because everything is energy!  Reiki can even be used to clear/cleanse spaces of unwanted energy. 

Reiki is energizing, relaxing, and revitalizing.  

Benefits of Reiki: 

Some benefits that may be experienced from a Reiki session include, but are not limited to:

~reduction of stress and anxiety

~relief from pain

~increased energy

~a fostering of focus, clarity, and creativity

~enhanced intuition

~promotion of deep relaxation

~assisting the body's natural healing capability/immunity 

~improved sense of peace and well-being 

~Uniting and aligning your body, mind, and spirit while connecting you to the power to heal yourself~


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Available Treatments:

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  • In-Person Reiki Sessions at Kirei na Reiki* 

  • Human and Pet/Animal Reiki

  • Space Clearing Reiki for Places

  • Reiki for Plants, Objects, & Situations

*All In-Person Reiki  Sessions are dependent upon current public health and safety matters.  

**COVID-19 Statement:  Vermont's Work Safe Guidelines, in the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order, are being followed.**

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Reiki is often something one must experience, to fully appreciate.

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