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In-Person Reiki $88/1 hr.

Distance Reiki $77/1 hr. 

Distance Reiki w/Intuitive Insight $111/90 mins.

Distance Animal Reiki & Consult $77/1 hr. 

Reiki treatments naturally align chakras. 
There is no extra cost for incorporating crystals.

Reiki Courses ~See fliers below

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka "Tapping" Services are available separately, or in addition to another service.

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

In-Person Tarot/Oracle Reading $88/1 hr. 
(Card readings in Vermont location)

Tarot/Oracle Reading Private Video  
orded) $55/25 min. 
(2 main questions sent, beforehand)

Tarot/Oracle Reading Private Video
(pre-recorded) $77/45 min. 
(Up to 4 main questions sent, beforehand)

Tarot/Oracle Reading Phone Call
$55/30 min. 
For phone readings, photos of cards pulled will be sent, by request, at no charge.

Services by appointment only

 Reiki, Intuitive Services, Tarot/Oracle Card Readings do not replace medical, veterinary, psychiatric, legal, financial, or any other professional advice or services.

 Intuitive services focus on the client's energy/environmental energy and are meant to offer spiritual insight that the client chooses whether or not to consider.

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Offering Distance Services
At This Time 


More Information: Reiki services include a consultation (at no additional cost) and the option of incorporating crystals (at no additional cost).  

Remote Reiki and Intuitive Insight are equally as effective as in-person services because energy is not bound by space or time.

Remote Pet Reiki and Specialized Reiki prices and durations may.

When Available:

Reiki Trainings/Classes: 1:1 Usui Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 courses, with appropriate attunements & certificates ~see fliers at bottom of page. 

Level I: $288     Level II: $488    Both taught in a 1:1 environment

What to expect during each type of Reiki session:

In-Person Human Reiki

The client will remain clothed (except for shoes), receiving treatment on a spa-quality massage/Reiki table.  Relaxing music will accompany the session, if desired.   

Essential oil diffusion is available, complimentary.  Crystals, stones, and minerals may be incorporated at no additional cost. 

The practitioner will hover hands over and/or gently touch the recipient's body at numerous locations. 

The entire session can be successfully conducted without any touch. 

Reiki sessions are 1 hour in duration, including consultation.  While every session is unique, some commonly reported sensations during a Reiki treatment include heat, coolness, tingling/electrical feeling, a mild feeling of swaying or floating, and deep relaxation.  It is also possible to not feel much of anything.  Be assured, whatever your experience, Reiki is still doing what is needed and will continue to work with the client for days after the session.  Like any healing method, Reiki is not a quick-fix; thus, multiple sessions may be necessary.  Chakras are naturally aligned during a Reiki treatment.  Reiki, or any type of energy healing, is not a medical treatment, and does not replace medical or mental health services.  Reiki does, however, complement other efforts well and offers its own benefits, such as deep relaxation, pain management, and a feeling of well-being, to name a few. 

It is important to hydrate before and after a Reiki session.  Clients should dress comfortably.  Also, please allow yourself room to rest/reflect, as needed, post-treatment. 

Should you have Reiki-related questions after your treatment, please contact Kirei na Reiki.  Please contact medical services, as needed.

Remote (Distance) Reiki for Humans, Animals

& Situations

For Remote Reiki treatments, the practitioner will call the client at a scheduled time.  Intentions for the session will be established and any questions/comments the client has, may be shared.  Then, the call will end and the practitioner will begin the Reiki session.  During the Reiki session, the client is asked to get comfortable and just be.  It is critical that the client refrains from using any type of machinery, or engaging in any other potentially dangerous activities, over the course of the session.  As the session is in progress, the client may feel a variety of sensations, similar to an in-person treatment (see above section).  It is also possible to feel nothing, but regardless, Reiki is being channeled.  Once the session has concluded, the practitioner will call the client and discuss anything the client wishes to share at that time. If purchased, Intuitive Insight will be shared.  The human Remote Reiki appointment, with consultation, is 1 hour & fifteen minutes in duration.  Sessions for pets/animals, usually, require less time.


Please note: Hydration is just as beneficial, and recommended, for distance Reiki as it is for in-person treatments.

Animal Reiki/Pet Reiki and Differences From Human Reiki

Rather than the practitioner approaching the animal, and going through traditional hand placements, the animal leads the session.  Often, animals prefer to experience Reiki without the intensity direct touch.  Instead, many animals prefer to experience Reiki from across the room/outside of a fence, or within a group of animals.  If they wish to access direct touch, the animal will approach the Reiki practitioner.  Like people, animals have preferences and their desires are honored, as they lead the session. The way the session unfolds is primarily dependent upon what the pet/animal wants and needs at that time, as well as the intuition of the practitioner.  

The benefits of human Reiki, pet/animal Reiki, face-to-face, and/or distant Reiki are believed to be similar across species and spaces. Just like with human Reiki, pet/animal Reiki does not replace professional veterinary/medical treatment.

Please provide pets with fresh water before, during, and after treatment.  Many pets are hungry after Reiki, so a small meal should be made available, if that's an option. 

Contact Kirei na Reiki with questions, but contact your veterinarian for medical concerns first.

Intuitive Insight Services

Tuning in to Reiki, and /or utilizing other techniques, Tiffany provides Intuitive Insight to the client.   Reiki tends to expand and amplify one's intuition, raising awareness of what would not necessarily be noticed, otherwise. 

Clients tend to find the intuitive insight shared to be quite specific to them/their situation, meaningful, and valuable.  It is common for animal guides/messengers to come through, and many clients really enjoy this.  Information is communicated with the client's greatest and highest good as the sole focus. 

Intuitive insight is not predictive, factual, or diagnostic, but may offer new perspectives, reminders, and/or affirmations for the client to, perhaps, consider. 

The client is always encouraged to trust their own intuition, as they are the one who ultimately decides what to do with any information Tiffany shares.  It is completely up to the client to make their own choices.  Kirei na Reiki intuitive insight services are not legal, medical, financial, and/or psychological advice. 

However, such insight can often shed light upon situations.   

Opening the Crown Chakra - Male patient
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