• Distant/Remote session for person, animal/pet, event, situation, short session $40, long session  $60

  • In-person, Reiki session (at your location) $70+ traveling fee


 Group Reiki sessions are available

Ask about Space Clearing Reiki for your home, auto, land, office, etc. and Reiki for plants, objects, and situations.  

Discounts are available for a series of sessions, paid in advance. Please contact for details.                                       Thank you.

What to expect during an in-person Reiki session:

Human Reiki: 

The client will remain clothed (except for shoes), receiving treatment on a spa-quality massage/Reiki table.  Relaxing music will accompany the session, if desired.   

The practitioner will hover hands over and/or gently touch the recipient's body at numerous locations. 

The entire session can be successfully conducted without any touch. 

The average Reiki session will be approximately 50 minutes, but plan for a full hour.  While every session is unique, some commonly reported sensations during a Reiki treatment include heat, coolness, tingling/electrical feeling, a mild feeling of swaying or floating, and deep relaxation.  It is also possible to not feel much of anything.  Be assured, whatever your experience, the Reiki is still doing what is needed and will continue to work with you for days after the session.  Like any healing method, Reiki is not a quick-fix; thus, multiple sessions may be necessary.  Reiki, or any type of energy healing, is not a medical treatment, and does not take the place of medical or mental health services.  Reiki does complement other efforts well and offers its own benefits, such as deep relaxation, pain management, and a feeling of well-being, to name a few. 

It is important to hydrate before and after a Reiki session.  Also, please allow yourself room to rest/reflect, as needed, post-treatment. 

Should you have questions after your treatment, please contact Kirei na Reiki. 

Animal Reiki/Pet Reiki:

Animal/Pet Reiki sessions are usually between 30-60 minutes in duration, (priced accordingly), and are comparable to human sessions in many ways (minus the music, massage table).

Another difference between pet/animal Reiki and Reiki for humans is I follow the animal's lead during the session, which is often done hands-free, from across the room/outside of a fence, or with a group of animals. The way the session unfolds is dependent upon what the pet/animal wants and needs. 

However, with human Reiki, I go through a specific series of positions, all over the body, and also focus on areas needing extra attention.  The benefits of human Reiki, pet/animal Reiki, face-to-face, and/or distant Reiki are believed to be similar across species and spaces. Just like with human Reiki, animal/pet Reiki does not replace necessary medical treatment.

Please provide pets and animals with fresh water before, during, and after treatment.  Contact Kirei na Reiki with questions. 

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