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"Tiffany is magical. I have never slept better.  My pains are lessened, and I feel much calmer, mentally."

"Tiffany provided me with a long distance treatment after my rehabilitation from a stroke had plateaued. Utilizing her powerful intuitive ability she was able to guide me into a more relaxed state, while offering unexpected yet helpful insights about my condition.  The treatment was a pivotal turning point in my recovery and I've continued to use her services to supplement and enhance my progress.  I can't thank her enough!!!"
(Google reviewer)
-Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon of The Zen Art Center 


"Tiffany has such a gift. She came into my life at the perfect time and her healing has been vital to my growth. She has a beautiful space to practice, complete with complimentary aromatherapy and healing crystals. Tiffany takes the time to get to know you and know what you need. If you are looking for a personalized, attentive session, I could not recommend her more."
~Jenna L.
(Google reviewer)

"I am so grateful to have had my first reiki session with Tiffany. The experience surpassed all of my expectations. She is a multi-faceted intuitive who offers both healing and personal guidance. Her messages are amazing. She helped me connect with my own intuition to find the right path forward for me and the confidence to break free from restraints that were holding me back. Whether you are looking for physical healing or spiritual guidance, I highly recommend her services. Tiffany is a true gem."
(Google reviewer)

"Tiffany is amazing! She has done so much to help me and my kitties. We've gone back to her numerous times, even after moving 2/3 of the way across the country. We all love her. The kitties respond to her, which is so vital. Highly recommended!"
~Sarah Woodard
(Google reviewer)

"As an individual on a spiritual path, I was searching for the perfect teacher to help me with my Reiki journey. I started Level I Reiki training, and completed my Level II Practitioner course. Tiffany exceeded my expectations! Her one on one training made the experience personal, and special. Tiffany was genuine, humble, and down to earth. I can't thank her enough for her guidance, and support throughout, always caring and answering any questions I might have. Her Reiki courses are in depth both spiritually, and practically. She is an inspiration to healing and self love. I'm so blessed to have worked with her, I would highly recommend her. I will continue my spiritual journey with her always." ~Crystal
(Google reviewer)

"I would give Tiffany 6 stars if I could. I felt a calling to become a Reiki practitioner in order to increase my intuitive skills; I plan on becoming a healthcare provider so this would be vital to my patient care. So I reached out to Tiffany and we found a way to safely meet my goal amidst this COVID era; I am so grateful to have Tiffany as my Reiki master/resource! From my first meeting with Tiffany, it is so obvious that she physically and spiritually has put so much thought into her space and her practice, and her skills/knowledge say it all. From the wall color to the infrastructure to the organization (and everything in between), the space is extremely well-cared for and conducive for learning and feeling the Reiki energy. Tiffany even did Reiki healing on me at my first Level I session!
From the books to the crystals to the hands-on Reiki healing sessions and practices, I feel really confident in myself to incorporate Reiki into my life and others as well. I cannot thank Tiffany enough.
Because of my unique goals and how I hope to incorporate Reiki into my life (personally, as well as into my medical career), I had so many questions. Tiffany was very versatile and able to help me figure out how to incorporate Reiki into my medical career. I am also big on Law of Attraction and Tiffany enthusiastically shared tangible actions and steps on how I can do this, and also how she does this in her daily life. Not only do I learn from Tiffany through a didactic way, but also, I learn from her own experiences and I so appreciate the space she gives for me to create my own.

All in all, I have come away from this experience as a more intuitive, happier, and more grounded human being. Tiffany made it very clear that she will be a resource for me well into the future. The amount of thought, care, blessings, spirit, and light that Tiffany puts into her space, teaching, and healing would make me recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to explore Reiki."

(Google reviewer)

"I am so grateful to have met and worked with Tiffany. I have received both distance and in person treatments. Both were above and beyond what I could have expected. I also took Reiki 1 and 2 courses. Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable, kind and patient teacher. She went above and beyond in every class and treatment in ensure I was receiving what I needed. Tiffany is truly exceptional at what she does. I will definitely be going back and look forward to it personally and professionally.
Her space is beautiful, comfortable, and always smells so wonderful! Her Covid safety protocols make you feel very comfortable and safe."

~Brittany W.
(Google reviewer)

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