About Kirei na Reiki, LLC

"Kirei" (pronounced, "kee-ray), essentially, means "beautiful/clean/pure" in Japanese. 

Kirei na Reiki, LLC is owned and operated by Tiffany Rossi, certified Master-Level Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Master & Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher, and Vermont Reiki Association member.  Kirei na Reiki offers distant and in-person Reiki for people, pets, and more.  Tiffany is a Vermont-State licensed "Touch Professional" (aka Reiki/Energy-Work Practitioner).

Kirei na Reiki provides 1:1 courses in Levels I & 2 Usui Reiki, complete with attunements and certificate. 

Tiffany discovered Reiki, following an unexpected and traumatic family tragedy.  She tried, just about everything, to heal, but nothing seemed to really be working.  Months later, Tiffany discovered Reiki and quickly realized, the power of this energy-work.  After just one treatment session, Tiffany began her Reiki training at the Green Mountain Reiki Institute where she earned practitioner-level certificates in The Usui Reiki System.  Soon thereafter, Tiffany completed coursework through Animal Reiki Source via Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), specific to Reiki for Animals. 

She continued to study and practice with a variety of Usui Reiki Master-Teachers and became certified as a Master-Level Usui Reiki practitioner and Master-Teacher. Tiffany is also trained in Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing, and is a Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher & Practitioner. Tiffany continues to expand her skillset and has completed many Advanced Reiki and Natural Healing courses, on a variety of topics. 

Tiffany is certified to provide Reiki, specific to Grief & Loss and also has training specific to Trauma.

Tiffany holds a Master of Education, advanced postgraduate certificates in both Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a Bachelor of Science.  Tiffany is a long-time Vermont-licensed special education teacher and administrator.  Tiffany has extensive training and experience working with people living with special needs, as well as individuals impacted by trauma.


Reiki Principles

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