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Tarot Readings 

Tiffany is a professional Tarot card reader/oracle card reader who also uses her intuitive abilities and/or Reiki to channel messages during readings.  Pendulum dowsing may also be utilized.  Tarot readings usually occur remotely via a platform such as Zoom or a connection to a private YouTube video made just for you.  

The client assumes sole responsibility for how they interpret the reading/any information it may contain and any actions they choose to take/not take, thereafter.  No Tarot reading will be 100% accurate, with any reader. A tarot reading does not replace professional medical (e.g., psychiatric), legal, financial, or business opinion/advice.  Clients will be asked to sign a form (at the time of booking) to indicate such understanding. Questions regarding death and/or major illness will not be addressed.  Thank you.

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